Donkey is a module of a bridging tool developed to establish an interactive feedback loop between structural solver (OOFEM, SIFEL) and geometry modeller (Grasshopper). The goal of the tool is to bring analysis results directly to architects and support their correct result interpretation. Allows architects to evaluate great number of solutions generated in the concept design phase using the scripting techniques. Explore potential of innovative designs and guide architects to intuitively choose potentially more efficient structural solutions for the next design phases.

The tool also changes traditional workflow used in practice and more integrates a structural engineer into the concept design process. It teaches architects to better understand “form and performance” of their designs.

Feedback loop, proposed workflow

Proposed workflow with structural analysis feedback loop:
a) bridging existing tools with developed tools: DONKEY and MIDAS,
b) defining cross-disciplinary data structure and modelling approach

The tool is a result of my PhD research. In the early stage, the project was supported by Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade in grant MPO FR-TI1/568, which allowed to establish interdisciplinary cooperation between Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Later I was supported by Sciex – Scientific Exchange Programme NMS.CH 13.260, which allowed me to cooperate with Block Research Group at ETH Zurich and further develop the tool.