Future work

In the future development, we would like to implement those features:

  1. Modelling:
    • hinge defined by DOF + element relationship
    • better geometry welding definition
    • simplifying adding nodes (automatic model division)
    • dummy/virtual element load and support improvement
    • custom units (now only mm)
  2. Visualization:
    • “bake” element to 3D geometry
    • FEM preview (advanced visualization level)
  3. Calculation:
    • auto-design (sizing optimization)
    • speed improvement (MIDAS as linked library)
  4. Decision-making support:
    • evaluation component improvement (design process)
    • multi-objective (variable) selection
    • sensitivity to change to guide design

Please feel free to add here your other wishes and found problems.

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  1. Message from Lukas Kurilla:

    I hope, that you have enjoyed our work.