Donkey is developed as an add-on Grasshopper software (GH) for version 0.9.0056 and later. (Rhinoceros 5.0 SP3 or newer is required)

  • Download the latest Donkey version from
  • In GH (type “grasshopper” in Rhino command line) select:
    File > Special Folders > Components Folder.
    Copy “donkey.gha” file to this folder. (Rhinoceros restart is needed.)
  • Drag and drop “donkey.gha” file onto Grasshopper canvas.
    (don´t forget to remove the older “donkey.gha” file to avoid GHA file duplicates)

Donkey components

  • Download “32-bit Windows binaries MIDAS+T3D+OOFEM” (or here).
  • Place it into easily remembered location on your hard-drive (e.g. C:/MIDAS).
  • Add Donkey Analysis component into GH canvas and right click on it.
    Select “Settings…”, new pop-up window should open (see figure below).
  • Set remembered MIDAS location as a “path to MIDAS application”.
  • Define working directory and confirm it by enter.
    (if the text becomes green, a new folder is created).

Donkey analysis pop-up menu

security_run2 In first time MIDAS run a security window displays.
Click on “More information” and “Run anyway” button to run analysis (trust us ;) ).

Happy modeling and lot of fun with structural analysis!